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This September at our annual meeting, we will have our board member election! We have one position open and three incumbent positions to be voted on. If you are interested in applying for the position please read the qualification requirements and fill out the nominating committee’s questionnaire. This position is open to any of our members that have a passion for our community and for our credit union! Please have your application submitted by September 1st, 2020. 

Qualifications to be a candidate for the Board of Directors:

1. Member of the Credit Union in good standing on all accounts primary and joint for the current year and the three preceding years.

2. Authorization for the Credit Union to pull current credit bureau report with credit score, and check systems report. Must have good personal financial standing.

3. Must be 18 years or older.

4. You must be Bondable.

5. You are NOT qualified to run if you have a current family member employed at the Credit Union.

6. You are NOT qualified to run if you are a current employee of the Credit Union or an employee in the past 36 months, or if you were terminated.

7. You must submit a letter below on why you should be chosen as a candidate.

8.. Must not have a personal interest in serving but doing so because you have an interest in seeing the Credit Union grow and prosper. There is no pay associated with this position.

9. You must be available to attend one board meeting a month. If you fail to attend three consecutive board meetings or four in a calendar year the office may be declared vacant by the board and the vacancy filled as provided in the bylaws. An exception may be made for extenuating circumstances.


These questions must be answered as truthfully as possible. We are not looking for long answers, just how you feel about the Credit Union and how you can be a help to it.
    This is not a requirement for this position.
  • This fulfills the letter submission as described in the qualifications to be a candidate listed above the questionnaire.

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